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Subscribe Italian and foreign insurance policies

Did you choose to subscribe any Italian insurance policy or policies issued by foreign companies operating in Italy (both with a LPS arrangement or with permanent establishment)?

With FinancialDelivery you can easily subscribe any policy, even from foreign companies, thanks to the support of a completely independent operator.

Subscribe any insurance policy you choose

With FinancialDelivery you can give instructions for the subscription of any insurance policy, even if from foreign companies, issued by:

  • foreign companies with a stable estabilishment in Italy;
  • companies operating with a LPS (libera prestazione di servizio) arrangement.

You choose, we do the rest

You just choose the insurance policy, then we carry out:

  • the collection of the subscription documents;
  • the interactions with the chosen Insurance Company;
  • the fulfillment of all the tax obligations.

A single point of contact

A single, independent and supervised intermediary, which executes any of your orders in a simple and secure way.

Any product you want

You can invest in any financial instrument, issued by any issuer. Even investing one in the bonds of a SME company or in an Italian or foreign fund is simple and always at hand.

Absolute independence

FinancialDelivery is a completely independent operator and executes any of your orders based on the decisions you took by yourself or with your trusted consultants.

No conflicts of interest

FinancialDelivery does not carry out consultancy or asset management activities, does not have its own products to sell, but offers a different way of investing and managing your assets.

Get started

Start now to benefit from the exclusive services and advantages of FinancialDelivery platform and invest immediately in the best financial products you have chosen for yourself.

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