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 Financial Delivery, simple and secure


In the financial sector, operations often require complex, slow and expensive procedures. Incomprehensible bureaucracy and heaps of documents to be signed discourage customers and increase costs.

FinancialDelivery offers a new, fast and full-digital experience that allows you to perform every operation by talking face to face with a human operator, comfortably through your smartphone.

The simplicity of the best video-digital experience

Fast and simple

Each operation is simpler and faster, so you can use your precious time for all that matters most to you

Accessible to everyone

Videocall makes the experience simple and natural for any user and the intuitive online platform allows you to find each document in a few clicks.

Always available

The online platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to access the communications history and all documents, for consultation or signature.

Wherever you are

FinancialDelivery gives you the ability to access its services wherever you are: the only thing you need is your smartphone

The highest security

We have chosen video technologies to be at the foundation of our platform because it is the way that offers the simplest, the most natural, but – above all –  the most secure experience. That’s how:

Verba volant, video manet

Each video session is recorded and stored for 20 years: if necessary, it can be reviewed, eliminating any risk of misunderstanding or doubt regarding the identification and consent of the customer.

Encrypted sessions and Video Signature

All communications are encrypted and protected by the highest security standards. Each provision must be confirmed by the customer with an advanced electronic signature directly on his mobile phone.

A supervised intermediary

Each operation is carried out through FD Fiduciaria Digitale, a supervised and independent intermediary, which acts exclusively in the interest of the customer, without any conflict of interest.

A different way of investing and managing your assets.

A single point of contact

A single, independent and supervised intermediary, which executes any of your orders in a simple and secure way.

Any product you want

You can invest in any financial instrument, issued by any issuer. Even investing one in the bonds of a SME company or in an Italian or foreign fund is simple and always at hand.

Absolute independence

FinancialDelivery is a completely independent operator and executes any of your orders based on the decisions you took by yourself or with your trusted consultants.

No conflicts of interest

FinancialDelivery does not carry out consultancy or asset management activities, does not have its own products to sell, but offers a different way of investing and managing your assets.


Visabit is the exclusive technological partner of FinancialDelivery. It has developed Video Signature and Video Identification technologies that make our digital services simple, safe and always accessible from any smartphone. Visabit services are in complete compliance with the most recent provisions by Bank of Italy.