all the investments in the world


FinancialDelivery is the unique platform that makes easier the purchase of any financial product.

We do not have products to sell: with us you have the freedom to buy whatever you chose, among all the investments in the world, thanks to a different way of investing and managing your assets.

Face to face, conveniently through your own smartphone.

A new way to invest

Thanks to FD Fiduciaria Digitale and to the Video Signature technology, you can perform any investment in a few minutes on your own smartphone.

What to buy? The choice is yours.

You cab choose any financial product, from any issuer, without limiting yourself to those offered by a single broker.

A new way to invest

FinancialDelivery in 5 simple steps

1. Register online to FD

in a few minutes with your smartphone

2. Plan a video interview

with one of our qualified operators

3. Subscribe the trust mandate

with which we can act in your name on your instructions.

4. Choose the products you want

and confirm the order with advanced electronic signature

5. We deliver what you have chosen

and we take care of all administrative and tax aspects

In what to invest

100% freedom of choice

FinancialDelivery operates through FD Fiduciaria Digitale, a supervised and independent intermediary, which acts exclusively in your interest and can carry out on your behalf any kind of investment. Finally, you can choose any products, without limiting yourself to those offered by a single broker.


Buy the funds you want

Don’t just invest in funds promoted by your bank.

You can quickly and easily subscribe any fund you have chosen, including those not distributed by your bank, thanks to the support of a completely independent operator.

Simple, secure, face to face

In the financial sector, operations often require complex, slow and expensive procedures. Incomprehensible bureaucracy and heaps of documents to be signed discourage customers and increase costs.

FinancialDelivery offers a new, fast and full-digital experience that allows you to perform every operation by talking face to face with a human operator, comfortably through your smartphone.

Investi nell’economia reale

Invest in any financial instrument issued by any issuer. For example, you can invest in a bond issued by a SME of your choice.

You can easily sign bonds and minibonds, even those not offered by your bank, or subscribe to an initial public offer (IPO), thanks to the support of a completely independent operator.

Subscribe any insurance policy

Invest freely in any Italian insurance policy or in policies issued by foreign companies operating in Italy (both with a LPS arrangement or with permanent establishment).

You have just to choose the policy, we take care of all administrative practices and tax obligations, such as exemption from tax monitoring and from the compilation of special tax reports.

The simple and secure solution to pay and be paid.

With Fiduciary Dealing we allow those who buy and sell goods, services or real estate to protect themselves, guaranteeing the execution of a payment deferred over time, or subject to the occurrence of certain conditions (escrow agent)

  • Art pieces
  • Gold and jewels
  • Luxury Goods
  • Real Estate Purchases
  • Custom products

The first step to make your savings grow? Protect them.

With Contissimo you can manage your liquidity on multiple bank accounts on your own, without the need for multiple interlocutors.

Protect your savings by differentiating them thanks to a portfolio of bank accounts you have chosen and take advantage of the special conditions reserved for Contissimo customers by Italian and foreign banks.

Save time in managing your shares

With our exclusive digital service you can request the establishment of companies, convene shareholders’ meetings, assign company shares by trust and administer them remotely.

You send the voting instructions whenever you want, we provide assistance, go to the notary and participate in the shareholders’ meetings on your behalf.

Why it is simple

All the services of FinancialDelivery are conveniently available through your smartphone at any time, offering a digital experience with a human face.

Why it is secure

Each video session is protected by the highest safety standards, videotaped and stored in order to ensure maximum protection. Furthermore, all operations take place through FD Fiduciaria Digitale, a supervised intermediary.

A single point of contact

A single, independent and supervised intermediary, which executes any of your orders in a simple and secure way.

Any product you want

You can invest in any financial instrument, issued by any issuer. Even investing one in the bonds of a SME company or in an Italian or foreign fund is simple and always at hand.

Absolute independence

FinancialDelivery is a completely independent operator and executes any of your orders based on the decisions you took by yourself or with your trusted consultants.

No conflicts of interest

FinancialDelivery does not carry out consultancy or asset management activities, does not have its own products to sell, but offers a different way of investing and managing your assets.

The only full-digital trust company in Italy

All FinancialDelivery services are performed through FD Fiduciaria Digitale, a company authorized and supervised by the Ministry of Economic Development, which acts in its own name on your behalf, exclusively according to your instructions. From your smartphone, in maximum security, you always have everything under control in a simple and safe way.


May I get any financial product I chose?

Sure thing! We can execute any order and buy for you any financial product you chose, regardless of issuer, tool, intermediary or sum. You decide, I take care of all. Contact us to learn more!

Is FinancialDelivery a bank?

No. We are an indipendent financial group acting through vigilated intermediaries, without any conflict of interest with your bank or advisors.

What are the advantages of Compravendita Garantita?

Compravendita garantita protects your purchases: once you define the terms with the seller, they payment is transferred only after the delivery of goods or services in compliance with the agreement. Contact us to learn more


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