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Contissimo by FinancialDelivery is unique.


Manage liquidity on multiple bank accounts on your own, without the need for multiple interlocutors.

The first move to earn is not to lose your money.
Protect your savings by differentiating them into a portfolio of bank accounts and take advantage of the special conditions reserved for Contissimo customers by Italian and foreign banks.[1]

Italian Banks

EU Banks[1]

Extra-EU Banks[1]

Finally diversification becomes simple.

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Contissimo Demo app to perform a test

2. Subscribe

the fiduciary mandate with FD Fiduciaria Digitale

3. access

to our digital platform

4. Choose 

amounts and banks based on conditions and solvency index (CET1)

5. Confirm

your choice and Contissimo will work for you

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The three rules by Contissimo that change the way you manage your liquidity.


European and national legislation protects all bank deposits of up to € 100,000 per individual bank, both in cases of bank default and against bail-in clauses [2]. . With Contissimo you can protect your savings by diversifying your liquidity on the multiple online banks accounts of your choice.


With a single interlocutor, all your decisions become simpler and faster to verify and implement. You won’t have to physically open many accounts, fill heaps of forms and check too many things: for example, thanks to Contissimo you will have an aggregate report for all your accounts to keep everything more easily under control.


Today you can protect your savings and choices against conflicts of interest. Because Contissimo is not a bank, but a service provided through FD Fiduciaria Digitale, a supervised and independent financial intermediary.

Contissimo: the solution in multi-protection.

The better solution to manage your liquidity firsthand and better protect you from the risks of bank default or “bail-in” [2]. By diversifying you lower your risks and you can also get better conditions. FinancialDelivery is not a bank, it does not have its own current accounts to offer, it is an independent service platform and without conflicts of interest

Other advantages


Choose the most suitable conditions for your needs and eliminate the time and burden of managing multiple interlocutors.

Using multiple current accounts for your liquidity also reduces the risks by allowing you to take the best opportunities.


You can independently select the banking institutions you want, both Italian and from other European and non-EU countries[1].

You are free to choose or change the amounts and the number of current accounts on which to place your liquidity according to the yield offered and the bank’s solidity index (CET1).


You can make and change your choices at any time and in any place thanks to your smartphone and the Contissimo digital platform.


With Contissimo it is quick and easy to keep your deposits under control. Contissimo provides its customers with periodic reports to offer a complete overview of all current accounts in a single view.

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[1] Limited to banks authorized to operate in Italy

[2] Testo Unico Bancario art. 96-bis, Direttiva 94/19/CE recepita con d.Lgs. 659/1996, Direttiva 2009/14/CE recepita con d.Lgs. 49/2011, Direttiva 2014/49/UE.

A single point of contact

A single, independent and supervised intermediary, which executes any of your orders in a simple and secure way.

Any product you want

You can invest in any financial instrument, issued by any issuer. Even investing one in the bonds of a SME company or in an Italian or foreign fund is simple and always at hand.

Absolute independence

FinancialDelivery is a completely independent operator and executes any of your orders based on the decisions you took by yourself or with your trusted consultants.

No conflicts of interest

FinancialDelivery does not carry out consultancy or asset management activities, does not have its own products to sell, but offers a different way of investing and managing your assets.

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Start now to benefit from the exclusive services and advantages of FinancialDelivery platform and invest immediately in the best financial products you have chosen for yourself.

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