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For investors

Invest in any financial instrument (bond or equity) issued by any business (for example an Italian SME) you have chosen. At any time, just with your smartphone, in a simple and safe way.

For issuers

Collect new resources for the growth of your business by making your financial instruments (such as bonds or equity) available for  private and institutional investors.

For advisors

Funding Marketplace is a system open to all subjects (accountants, law firms or advisors) involved in the processes of collection and placement of financial resources for the business development.

Invest in 5 steps with FinancialDelivery

1. Register online

in a few minutes with your smartphone

2. Plan a video interview

with a qualified operator

3. Subscribe the trust mandate

cwith which we can act in your name on your instructions.

4. Choose a business to invest on

and confirm the order with advanced electronic signature

5. We deliver what you have chosen

and we take care of all administrative and tax aspects

Are you an issuer?

We help companies to access the capital market, working in synergy with other consultants,  in order to integrate the traditional use of bank loans with new tools.

  • We connect companies to private investors, who can invest comfortably with your smartphone.
  • We bring issuing companies closer to potential institutional investors and help them increase their visibility on the financial market.
  • With our PMI Credit Fund, we channel capital directly to the best Small and Medium Enterprises.

A single point of contact

You speak only with a single vigilated intermediary, an indipendent a company and with no conflicts of interests which executes any order for you.

All the businesses you want

Through FinancialDelivery, you can invest in any financial tool, issued by any company you choose.

A simple and secure experience

Simplify the way you handle your investments, thanks to a secure and convenient video-digital experience.

No conflicts of interest

FinancialDelivery is completely indipendent from any issuer or intermediary and executes any decision you took alone or with your own consultants.