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For those who invest

Buy at any time, wherever you are, the financial products you have chosen, whatever the issuer, the instrument (a fund, a bond, a policy), the intermediary or the amount.
Only with your smartphone, in a simple and secure way.

For those who sell financial products

Make it easy to buy your financial products (even alternative ones) from any Italian customer, whatever your bank. Safe, innovative, convenient and in full compliance.

For advisors

Are you a financial advisor? You are free to let your customers buy in all the products you suggest, even on different banks, leveraging on an independent operator who deals with administrative-fiscal aspects and offers you an aggregate and analytical report.

With FinancialDelivery the financial market has a human face and is always at hand, in your smartphone.

We make the execution of your investment decisions simple and safe, with a digital experience with a human face, on your smartphone. Thanks to the group-owned company FD Fiduciaria Digitale, we execute all your dispositions and manage all your investments with professionalism and efficiency: you will have everything always available on a single platform, and you will be able to see and talk at a distance with a single interlocutor at a fixed cost , regardless of the amounts administered.

Fiduciary Administration in 5 steps

1. Register online

in a few minutes with your smartphone

2. Plan a video interview

with one of our qualified operators

3. Subscribe the trust mandate

with which we can act in your name on your instructions.

4. Choose the products you want

and confirm the order with advanced electronic signature

5. We deliver what you have chosen

and we take care of all administrative and tax aspects

FD Fiduciaria Digitale is the only digital fiduciary company on the Italian market. The company manages and keeps in a single fiduciary relationship all your investments, even with several banks, with your absolute freedom to expand the choice to new products, deposited with other intermediaries.
From their smartphone, and with the highest security, every client has everything under control thanks to a single report on all assets, always available and up to date.

Find out why to choose Fiduciary Administration by FinancialDelivery

A single interlocutor

A single supervised intermediary, independent and without conflicts of interest that executes any operation for you.

Lower transaction costs

FD Fiduciaria Digitale only asks for an annual flat fee and does not charge percentage fees based on the amounts administered.

Simple and secure experience

Simplify your way of managing your investments, thanks to a convenient and safe video-digital experience.

No conflicts of interest

FD is completely independent and executes all your orders without competing with your advisor or your bank.




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